Shower AID – CTN of 3

Shower and Tile De-scaling Cleaner


Product quantity:

Option 01: CTN of 3 bottles – 5LT per bottle

Option 02: 1 bottle – 20LT per bottle

Option 03: 1 Drum – 200LT per Drum

MPI Approved C32(All Animal Product Except Dairy)

Powerful cleaner and sanitising detergent that removes calcium and lime deposits. Ideal in hard-water areas. This deep cleansing agent can be used for various hard surfaces made from acrylic, chrome, stainless steel, ceramic, and fiberglass, that are found in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Safe to use on: shower screens, tiles, taps, sinks, toilets. Not suitable for use on marble.

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Option 01 is only sold in CTN of 3 – Cannot be purchased individually.

Option 02 and 03 are sold individually

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